QuestionsCategory: CA-Final Prof EthicsDoubt relating to Professional Ethics Questions
Mohit vyasMohit vyas asked 2 years ago

C. No. PE.680
Q No. 678.01
According to clause 6 clarifications it is prohibited for a member of the institute to accept original professional work of another member of the institute who introduces such member to his client.
In question 678.01 the same clarification has been quoted but in conclusion paragraph it is written as “In view of above decision CA Young should ask the client to come through CA Old”. 
Query : The work which was offered to CA Young had already been done by CA Old in past so wouldn’t it will be concluded as it’s original professional work and it cannot be accepted by CA Young in any case ? Or whether original work can also be accepted if it is informed to the CA Old ?
C No. PE.700
Q No. 689
A chartered accountant in practice cannot use designation other than chartered accountant as per section 7. As per Clause 7 mentioning of designation other than Chartered accountant on any professional document, visiting card, etc is not allowed.
Query :
1)  In conclusion there is no mention of professional misconduct as per Clause 7.
2) In the answer is it ok to use only clause 7 without mention of Section 7.