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Chander ShekharChander Shekhar asked 1 year ago

Hello Dear Respected Ravi sir, please guide me: i have take audit class last year  June 2022 for NOV 23 attempt. i am take regular batch(source of indepth & simplified knowledge), book code VZB.
after the class how i now face amendments. how many period RTP amendments should i refer? can i skip all RTP which are released after the batch (may&nov 22& may 23) or can i directly refer RTP for NOV 23 attemept for amendments purpose.

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RaviRavi Staff answered 11 months ago

Amendments for every Attempt are updated on our Telegram Channel-Auditguru CA Ravi Taori
There are no major Amendments for Nov 23
You can refer Our Telegram Channel for rest of the amendments(i.e Nov 22,May 23)

Team Auditguru.