QuestionsCategory: CA-Final Prof EthicsAppearance of Chartered Accountants on Electronic Media (including Internet
Shivang Aggarwalshivang Aggarwal asked 1 year ago

sir in ICAI module pg no 18.53 there is para written Members maya ppear on television, films and Internet and agree to broadcast in the Radio or give lectures at
forums and may give their names and describe themselves as Chartered Accountants. Special
qualifications or specialised knowledge directly relevant to the subject matter of the programme may
also be given. Firm name may also be mentioned.

But below written as Members giving talks or lectures or attending conference may describe themselves as Chartered Accountants only when they are acting in their capacity as Chartered
Accountants. However, reference to the professional firm of the member should not be given.
So sir for lecture ICAI own is contradictory…? Which one to follow.