InduBala Upadhya

Dear Sir,

1. What were 3 key reasons for your success in exams?

i.Firm Determination to become CA. ii.Accepted failure as a challenge. iii.Consistent Hardwork.

2. How you came across Ravi Sir and his lectures?

I attended your two days crash batch in Hyderabad in Nov

Riya Gupta

Hello Sir,

1.The key reasons that I found for my success is that constant effort ,my family situations. as my financial condition is too bad that makes me keep motivating that I had to do it any how bcoz my family need this, and the most important is

Niharika Gehlot

Dear Sir,

Thank you so much for your classes.

1. 3 Key reasons for my success would be continuous hard work, positivity and confidence.
2. I came across through your lectures from

Radhika Bajaj

Hello Sir,

I have always believed in quality over quantity. Whatever you study, you should do it in such a way that no one can ever beat you on those concepts. Handwritten notes and Daily revisions helped me a lot and most important I’ve always kept positive approach.

Nitin Gupta

Dear Sir, I am Nitin gupta from jaipur Rajasthan.

Success reasons–

1. My parents and their support always with me for confidence.

2. Your interesting and concept clearity lecture and your teaching way , your doubt solving site auditguru also main role.

Sandesh Kadam

First i would like to say big thank you to you sir for your guidance and support. I am feeling happy to inform you that I have cleared group 1. Since last three exams i always stucked in Audit. Due to which I have never cleared this group

Sagar Goyal

Dear Sir,

1. What were 3 key reasons for your success in exams?

#Hard work#Be Positive(atleast till exam and in exam)

If I tell you about myself, I became totally blank while giving IT xzm but somehow managed to get relax and then write the ans whatever I knew and the result is here.

Gaurang Mehta

Gaurang here from Mumbai… Student of Ravi sirs Mumbai audit batch.

Learning from Ravi sir opened my mind to think in different directions in a more logical manner and to study in a smart and best way and the best thing which

Amit Mishra

Dear Ravi Sir,

I am glad to told you that I have cleared my First group of CA-Final in May-2018 Exams. It is just because of you sir, I score 55 marks in audit. So thank you very much for being my teacher.

1. What were 3 key reasons for your success in exams?

Ajeet Kumar

Dear Sir,

My Name is Ajeet kumar. My Roll number for may 2018 exam is 125756. I Got 47 Marks In CA FINAL AUDIT PAPER. THANK YOU SIR.

3 Key Reasons for our success are as Follows:-

1.I Joined Test series which helps me a lot.

Kavita Banarasi

1) Reason for success :
a) writing practice,
b) Practice Manual,
c) cover all by Ravi sir
ABC Analysis file.
2) came to know about
Ravi Sir via YouTube.
3) I attended Ravi Sir

Shubham Gupta

1) Three reason for
success in exam
i) Mother’s blessing is the
most important thing one
person to whom it
matters the most more
than me
ii) Hard work and
dedication as it was my
3rd attemp i always knew
that theory subjects are
my weak points so

Mausam Bhawsar

3 Reasons of Success


— Experience with Ravi Sir

2.u helped a lot in audit.i heard from everyone that passing audit is difficult but after joining ur class i didnt

Shubham Mangal

Dear Sir,

I have passed my CA IPCC Auditing and Assurance Paper from your support. 70% credit goes to your lectures YouTube content and..

Dinesh Kumar

I got 62 marks in Auditing & Assurance.
I studied Practice Manual with guidance from your Practice Manual Analysis sheet. Thank you sir for guiding me students through various

Praachi Keshan

Scored More thank 1st & 2nd Rankholder in CA Final Audit, happy and proud of her.

Success Story

  1. What were 3 key reasons for your success in exams?
    Preparing concise notes, reference to practice mannual and solving 95 to 100 marks paper

Purshottam Darak

I had a phobia for audit since I was stucked at 37 ..I scored 37 in May 2016, Nov 2016 and even too in test series 😂

Three key reasons for my success are:
1. I accepted that “Audit” was my weakness and I started working hard on it
2. Joining reading room was the best decision I made.

Saloni Aggarwal

Hello Sir,
First I would like Thanks alot to u… 😃
It was the day before exam of CA Final Audit

I cleared my IPCC-Audit with Exemption

Sachin Nayak

My name is Sachin S Nayak . I come from a family of Chartered Accountants .

3 key reasons i see for success in exams is rigorous learning , ensuring we know the subject throughly and making notes of key points and highlighting important points.

Manzil Shah

Hello sir,
Manzil Shah here. I have taken your pen drive classes at CCI online coaching. Cleared CA final.
1. Key reason to complete: Just see subscribed video revise it & do marked problems by sir & follow last day revision plan. Since, sir has covered all so nothing to go for extra.

Ankita Tibrewal

Hello sir ..I cleared CA final in Nov 17 attempt.. I still remember I got less marks in audit in May 17 due to which I failed.. I called u..u consoled me guided me motivated me to fight again.. i took ur ttns n left office giving proper time to studies..

Hariom Verma

— 3 key reasons for your success in exams?

  1. Hard work,
    2. Smart Study &

—- My Experience with Ravi Sir

Shreyas Putharan

1) Three reasons of passing – first and foremost is hard work and one should develop a passion for their goal in life and also theres no substitute for hard work, smart study what to study when and how much to study, and writing practise specially for AUDIT AND LAW

Dharmesh Gaur

> 3 key reasons for success in exams

a) Equal preference to each subject and on the basis of trend of last 5 attempts, more focused towards Last 5 attempts RTP. Special Preference on

Kavya Barnwal

One day before xam I was so nervous that I decided that I ‘ll not give xams but then I gave u a call and u motivated me a lot bcoz of that only I gave all the papers and now I m a final student of ca…..

Sanchit Agrawal

Ques 1. Three key reasons for success in exams?

In CA finals, you are studying such a vast content, after a period of 3 years. So remaining under pressure all the time is a must thing.

Roshan M

Hello Sir, Greetings to You and your team.

I cleared my IPCC-Audit with Exemption,With the Thankful heart to the Almighty,Parents & Fly and Teachers. 

Disha Makhija

I was struggling with Audit since long but then I attended your one day seminar for Nov 2017 in Kanpur sitting in the very first row. It gave me immense confidence and Sir I just love your teaching style sir.

Shruti Rungta

3 reason for success.
1) dedication
2) regular studies
3) not giving up attitude

I got to know about sir from my friends.
Sir’s , Teaching way n shortcuts are helpful.

Neelkantmani Agrawal

3 key reasons for my success –
1)Sacrifice – As told by ravi taori sir while attending his lecture , the more you sacrifice the mobile and enjoyment -the more better result you will get .
2)100% trust on teacher and his notes – i never prefer different material other than teacher’s notes .

Kamal Mulchandani

The 3 reasons why i could clear my both groups in first attempt were :

-When i was in the class i paid full attention which is very imp coz at last it is the thing which helps you solve the tricky problems in the exam.

Kashish Singhal

1. What were 3 key reasons for your success in exams?
-The most important reason for my success is my parents. I have a habit of studying at night, and my parents where always there for me to make my life more easy and comfortable (such as…..

Abhishek Baake

3 Key Reasons for Success
1. There were many key reason like..
*i made my strong subjects more stronger so that they would help me to achieve aggregate.
*practice manual is must as it depicts the pattern of questions that icai would probably ask.
*there should be proper power

Piyush Gupta

Regards Sir
First thank u very much for your teaching and never ending support. You always give precise and perfect reply

  1. What were 3 key reasons for your success in exams?
    From my experience of preparing for CA Final first group i learnt following little but very valuable things

Geetanjali Bharadwaj

Dear Sir,

Greetings for the day!!

I am Geetanjali Bhardwaj from Delhi, a student of yours. I have
cleared my CA Final in this attempt and as asked by you i am giving
my success story here. I have tried to be as precise as possible.

Kirti Agrawal

The three key reasons for my success were as follows:

One.. Conceptual Clarity
It is very important in CA examinations to have your logics clear as the questions that come in the final examinations are application based which test your understanding

Nisha Oswal

1)Reason for success :
Hard work and some smart work
No option other than working hard
Focused only and only towards achieving the target “CA “, it was like a horse who could see only what was in front of him,and nothing else..for me it was Chartered Accountancy.

2) In my 1st attempt I failed in audit and law.. I didn’t clear either of the groups.. It was then my little brother told me

Karan Chhabra

Hi sir, morning  😊

Q1 What were 3 key reasons for exam success ?
1. Most important- Revision
2. Constant self motivation
3. Strong grit, and perseverance

Q2 How you came across Ravi sir and his lectures ?
Friends great recommendation, Google and importantly youtube

Naveen Hegde

My name is Naveen Hegde. I am student of your video class. Small write up of my success story of clearing group 1 of CA Final.

  1. key reasons for successfully completing group 1 –
    Planned study and revision – if you failed to plan, you are planning to fail;
    Publications of the ICAI;
    Support of parents;

2. How I came across Ravi Taori sir?

Vineet More

The key reasons for my success in exams are :-

1) Planning my studies, revising the plans as per prrogress, and timely completion.

2) The way i used to study – like making summary notes for quick revision, writing practice, test series and using charts, summaries, notes, shortcuts, tricks, mnemonics etc of

Saaransh Jain

Sir i got 60 marks in auditing in first attempt …. i am from chandigarh and i am also chandigarh topper…. although i felt i was weak at theory subjects but you made my auditing so strong that i could get an exemption…. i would love to meet you personally if possible for you…. and you have a great part in my success journey ….
the three things i would like to share is

Abhijeet Raghu

The key reasons of my success here is:

Institute Study Material
Support of such highly skilled teachers

I just came across to
know about Ravi Sir by just searching over google…and reviews of other students over internet

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