Score in CA Inter Audit Like A Scholar

Many have a misconception that auditing is a theory subject. It is one of the most practical subjects that requires good understanding not only to pass the exam but also to apply it in real life in future. Therefore while learning this subject you will need a bit of understanding and a bit of cramming to score in CA Inter Audit like a pro.
Reading on you will get essential tips to increase your score in CA Inter Audit visibly.

Verified Study Resource

The first step should be gathering study resources you can rely upon. This involves study material from ICAI. You need to have it for reference. It will help you get clarity when it comes to the answering structure. To go more in depth you should refer to an institute’s study material which is well known for its CA Inter Audit. Auditguru is well recognized for Audit and it has sufficient resources to help you score great marks when it comes to score in CA Audit.

Understanding Syllabus

It is essential that you understand the CA Inter Audit syllabus even before you begin studying. One you get a good understanding of the syllabus you will be able to break it down according to your strengths and weaknesses.


Once you have broken down the syllabus you have to schedule them with deadlines. Ensure you match them to complete the syllabus on time and keep time for revisions. Through scheduling you will be able to effectively divide your time amongst the topics. Make sure you give more of your time to topics that you find difficult. Work on it until you understand it properly.

RTPs are a Must

Revision test papers are required to practice the subject efficiently. Through RTPs you can test your knowledge and come face to face with your lackings. Due to this you will know where you have to work harder. And taking up RTPs will reduce your fear of facing the exams.


Ensure you have made notes while studying. Creating notes will help you a lot during your last minute study sessions. It will give you a good glance into everything you have prepared and help you with your final revisions.

Don’t Limit Yourself to Books

With the current availability of the internet, you have access to outstanding video lectures. You can refer to video lectures that fit you best. The main motto is that you should understand the concepts.

Outlining Answers

Apart from preparation you have to focus on your actual examination as well. You have to outline your answers so that you don’t skip out the important points. Outlining your answer can help you get a great score in CA Inter Audit as it will ensure the presence of all required and important information in your answers. Underlining key points and essential keywords are also a plus.

Language, Grammar and Sentence Formation

While writing your answer you need to take care of your grammar and sentence formation. This will help the examiner to get a clear understanding of your answer to score better. If your sentence formation is weak, start practicing beforehand because if the answer isn’t clear for the examiner to understand you will end up losing your marks even though you have put in points. Referring to ICAI will help you with your answer structure that will help you score in CA Inter Audit.


The blog gives you essential tips that you should keep in mind to score in CA Inter Audit like a topper. Following these tips you will see visible effects in the marks. The key is that you maintain consistency and focus on your study. Applying the above tips only for a few days won’t give you the desired results.