It was wonderfull experiance to attend the class especially class of SA’s. The practical examples given by sir in the class were very easy to recollect the essence of SA during the exams. I scored 67 marks in CA Final Audit thats because of the base of SA’s build up during the class days. I attended 10 days crash batch which helped me a lot in understanding the subject and techinical concepts relating to auditing. The pictures used by sir as a memory technique helped a lot in remembering clauses in ethics.
Sir has almost covered the 100% syllabus in such a short span of 10 days, I too did study the audit simultaneously during class and it helped in remebering the topics as well as the concept behind the topics. The advise from sir was to practice the question from practice manual by writing urself and compare it with standard answer was certainly the best way to achive writing skills and speed. I have heard many student saying that audit is a scary subject and you never get marks in audit despite writing so much in the exams but after following sirs technique for studying audit i can surely say you can score very good in this subject
Thanks Ravi sir for ur valuable guidance.