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Dharmesh Gaur

3 key reasons for success in exams

a) Equal preference to each subject and on the basis of trend of last 5 attempts, more focused towards Last 5 attempts RTP. Special Preference on theory subject on the basis of ABC Analysis. Focused towards retaining rather than merely reading notes.

b) Make short notes and memory technique of all theory subject specially audit.Memory technique should be based on real life not learning type. Revise short notes many time for retaining purpose. It is better to refer 1 good book 10 time rather than reading 10 different books.

c) Decide in advance what material you will refer on the last day of exam along with time devotion of each part of your coverage. This should be prepared at least 2 months before exam. 250% believe on your own material. not compare your journey with your friends and others.

Experience with Ravi Sir I attended the 1 day revision lecture conducted at delhi. Then I realised that what a special teacher Ravi Taori sir is!. Then I purchased Ravi Taori sir Classes. I have experienced awesome style of teaching, image recognition technique, 100% query resolution on Phone just like a personal coach, ready made short notes of all important aspects along with memory technique ,practical and real life experience reflected in teaching. Very good friend along with awesome teacher. Enjoyed alot.

Thank u so much sir for your support and love.
Name:- CA Dharmesh Gaur

Kashish Singhal

1. What were 3 key reasons for your success in exams?

-The most important reason for my success is my parents. I have a habit of studying at night, and my parents where always there for me to make my life more easy and comfortable (such as providing me with all the facilities, preparation of snacks in night hours so that i don’t feel hungry and sleepy during Night Hours). These important instances are major part of my success.

-My teachers are my another reason for success. As they guided me in the right path to provide best knowledge to grasp success in much easier manner. -My friends, cousins, and Mates helped me a lot.

2. How you came across Ravi Sir and his lectures ?

– I watched Ravi Sir lectures on YouTube. He guided me to solve all my problems and to present my answers to the questions in the most presentable and best manner.

3. How was your experience?

-The most important thing that i have learnt from exams is that – Do it or Don’t do it. And If you Do it, then Do it in such a manner that No One can stop you to reach your Final Destination. And You need not to wait for the results to be announced. Put your 100% Dedication, Hardworking, Efforts to achieve your goal. After failure in Nov 2016, I realized almost 6 Months are wasted for just putting little less efforts to crack the exams. And from there on I haven’t stopped to make realize the same again.

Kashish Singhal

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