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Niharika Gehlot

Dear Sir,

Thank you so much for your classes.

1. 3 Key reasons for my success would be continuous hard work, positivity and confidence.
2. I came across through your lectures from

3. Your classes were really helpful to me, they cleared all my doubts and had complete course coverage. Your teaching style is awesome sir. Your amendment lectures were really helpful too.

Niharika Gehlot
Sikar, Rajasthan

Radhika Bajaj

Hello Sir,

I have always believed in quality over quantity. Whatever you study, you should do it in such a way that no one can ever beat you on those concepts. Handwritten notes and Daily revisions helped me a lot and most important I’ve always kept positive approach.

PM Analysis sheet which was provided by Ravi Sir was very helpful to me. After studying any topic I used to see the questions from Practice Manual. I have also focused on the way of writing the answers. Memory Techniques taught by Ravi Sir were very helpful for remembering each n every topic.

Thank you Sir, for helping me to score 60 in Auditing which was a difficult task for me.

Radhika Bajaj

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