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Kavita Banarasi

Hello Sir

1)Reason for success : a) Writing practice, b) Practice Manual, c) Cover all by Ravi sir ABC Analysis file.

2) came to know about Ravi Sir via YouTube.

3) I attended Ravi Sir one day reason lecture @Indore and it was really helpful source of motivation. tysm sir.

Kavita Banarasi

Shubham Gupta

Hello Sir,

1)Three reason for success in exam

i) Mother’s blessing is the most important thing one person to whom it matters the most more than me.

ii) Hard work and dedication as it was my 3rd attemp i always knew that theory subjects are my weak points so i doubled my efforts in that subject i used to see youtube videos of different teachers if i didn’t understand some topic

iii) Third would be writing practice and small notes prepared and i used to analyse all the advice given to me and apply them whenever it was necessary.

2) I got the information of ravi sir lectures from his youtube videos

3) I feel understanding the concept is very important and ravi sir explained every concept superbly and imp question although in ca exams it is unpredictable but for few topics which i thought i would not be able to complete i used to mark the important question and do that only,  Thank u sir for your guidance.

Shubham Gupta

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