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InduBala Upadhya

Dear Sir,

1. What were 3 key reasons for your success in exams?

i.Firm Determination to become CA. ii.Accepted failure as a challenge. iii.Consistent Hardwork.

2. How you came across Ravi Sir and his lectures ?

I attended your two days crash batch in hyderabad in Nov 16 on my friend’s advice and i ended up with a gud score which many CA students spend months together to get that score infact many loose the group because of less marks in audit.So i made up my mind to view your audit lectures online as i have a comfort level with it.That class gave me immense confidence to attempt the audit paper.

3. How was your experience with lectures?

i.The First and the Best part of lectures was ABC analysis of the entire syllabus.Many of us make a mistake of not preparing as per weightage and allot ample time to least important topic which is of no help to the exam.

ii.Secondly the way u teach standards and also the flow u follow to memorise without using a nemonic is really great. Just creating a practical imagination of what is being taught in the class was very helpful to me.

iii.The third part was i never knew that audit was that easy and not that difficult as i made up in my mind.I never knew what book to be followed i just used ur material with pm and yes i scored marks.

iv.The fourth part was u have shown audit reports of all audits in standards lecture which every student might not have done in his practical exposure during articleship in audit.Sometimes when u go blank in the exam hall, through the help of the visual report as depicted in the video u can write up few sentences in the exam abt a particular standard.

InduBala Upadhya

Riya Gupta

Hello Sir,

1.The key reasons that I found for my success is that constant effort ,my family situations. as my financial condition is too bad that makes me keep motivating that I had to do it any how bcoz my family need this, and the most important is to add that dream prefix since class11th when I took commerce as my stream, to use right material of study and make concise notes, I always try to cover my subject from institute material.

2.from my friend I came across of Ravi sir and his lectures.

3.The way sir teaches,his flow technique for each and every topic make the subject to remember easily .key to remember after each topic ,the diagrams ..the experience was good with sir and at last Thank you so much sir☺☺

Riya Gupta

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