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Naveen Hegde

Hello Sir,

My name is Naveen Hegde. I am student of your video class. Small write up of my success story of clearing group 1 of CA Final. Key reasons for successfully completing group

1 – Planned study and revision – if you failed to plan, you are planning to fail; Publications of the ICAI; Support of parents;

2. How I came across Ravi Taori sir?

– During my articleship days I have attended audit classes of 2 tiems. However I was unable to clear group 1 due to audit in last few attempts. When I searched in youtube about how to write audit paper, I found video of paper analysis of Ravi sir. Paper analysis was an eye opener for me. I watched all videos of sir in youtube and realised that this is what I was looking about in audit. Then bought video classes.

3. How was experience?

– The learning experience was awesome. The video classes were as brillient as live classes and I did not face any issues with it. Ravi sir explains each and every concept with practical examples. Even though lectures can be viewed four times, for me there was no need to watch the lecture for the 2nd time. I revised entire audit syllabus 2 times during day before exam. This was possible beacuse of sir’s wonderful notes. Summary of every topic was given which was helpful in revising the subject in jus 8 to 10 hours. Writing Audit exam was a nightmare for me. This time I cracked the exam with ease. Without Ravi Sir I would’nt have cracked audit. Thank you very much sir. “Never quit. Once you quit, it becomes habbit”

Thanks & Regards,
Naveen Hegde

Vineet More

Hello Sir,

The key reasons for my success in exams are :-

1) Planning my studies, revising the plans as per prrogress, and timely completion.

2) The way i used to study – like making summary notes for quick revision, writing practice, test series and using charts, summaries, notes, shortcuts, tricks, mnemonics etc of various teachers.

3) and the most important – REVISION.

How i came across Ravi Taori sir?

– It was when i gave my exams in may 16 with self study of audit and after giving the exams i was pretty confident in audit. One thing i was sure even IF I don’t clear it WON’T be because of audit. But on results day i found to my surprise that the opposite happened and i couldn’t clear DUE to AUDIT only. I was sooo shocked. Then i applied for certified copies and on receiving them i found many mistakes especially in interpretation of question and writing style when compared to suggested answers.

I had to find a solution to this so I went to YouTube and searched for how to study audit and analysis of may 16 paper where i got to know my mistakes from ravi taori sir’s video’s only. And his paper analysis was like an Eye Opener for me …i felt like what was I doing? How could i miss all this? My experience with him was just awesome.

He teaches giving so many practical examples without which understanding audit is not possible. The way he teaches, pointing out the mistakes we make, and very practically always helping students with notes, summaries, tricks, amendments, and clearing doubts in his forum is just great. He knows exactly where the students face problems, and how to make us understand that area. His teaching is very structured and not just reading out and saying what is written in the SA but actually telling us why it is so written, what is the use if it etc. I cant thank him enough for everything.

Thanks & Regards,
Vineet More
Balasore, Odisha

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