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Nisha Oswal

Hello Sir,

What were 3 key reasons for your success in exams?

Reason for success :

1) Hard work and some smart work No option other than working hard Focused only and only towards achieving the target “CA”, it was like a horse who could see only what was in front of him,and nothing else..for me it was Chartered Accountancy.

2) In my 1st attempt I failed in audit and law.. I didn’t clear either of the groups.. It was then my little brother told me that he has listened about Ravi Taori Sir’s audit CD. However I was of the opinion that attending Sir’s lecture actually would be more effective than the CD. And it was one of the most correct decision of my life. I viewed the video lectures and my opinion of going to 15 days class became very firm, being greatly motivated by the answer paper discussion and tips

3) Experience with Sir: I can only say that I CLEARED EXAM BECAUSE OF HIM. I give him the greatest credit.. It was not just audit.. His hard work, his willingness of teaching each and every concept of the subject motivated us to giver our 100% too.. We had 15 days classes, and it was on 7th day if I am not wrong, his specs were broken, he had fever but nothing changed his hard work for us.

He took tablet in front of us and continued teaching with the same rather more enthusiasm. This was what always motivated me during the 3 months period, when ever I felt like I cannot do more, it was like I used to remember his work. So it was not just audit, it helped for entire study pattern, entire 3 months period. He was a role model for me. I worked worked hard. November 16 attempt was a disaster for audit, but thanks to Ravi sir. I was able to write 90 marks paper with confidence and I cleared.

Nisha Oswal
Karjat (M.S)

Karan Singh Chhabra

Hi sir,

Q1 What were 3 key reasons for exam success?

1. Most important- Revision

2. Constant self motivation

3. Strong grit, and perseverance

Q2 How you came across Ravi sir and his lectures?

– Friends great recommendation, Google and importantly youtube

Q3 How was your experience?

– Hilarious, Sir helped me in soft aspects of answer writing skills, time management, common mistakes a student can commit, inter raltions between various SA, AS and sections. Overall, I was spellbound by the experience.

Thank you so very much sir. U rock. cheers✌

CA Karan Singh Chhabra,
Bhilai, Chhatisgarh

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