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Purshottam Darak

Hello Sir,

I had a phobia for audit since I was stucked at 37 ..I scored 37 in May 2016, Nov 2016 and even too in test series?? Three key reasons for my success are:

1. I accepted that "Audit" was my weakness and I started working hard on it

2. Joining reading room was the best decision I made. Though I had to travel a lot daily but it was worth it

3. I prepared short notes for audit because I knew ki "last day sab kuch na ho payega" I heard about Ravi Sir from my Friends and seniors…

First thing I did was I accepted everything that sir told us even though sometimes I didn’t agree Best thing about Sir is that he asked us You just study rest everything he provided to us by one or the other way I also attended sir’s worth taking revision class. I scored 54 marks in Audit. Thanx a lot sir for providing us guidance at every level..

Purshottam Darak

Praachi Kesham

Scored More thank 1st, 2nd Rankholder in CA Final Audit, happy and proud of her. Success Story

1. What were 3 key reasons for your success in exams? Preparing concise notes, reference to practice mannual and solving 95 to 100 marks paper

2. How you came across Ravi Sir and his lectures ? Ravi sir is the most popular teacher who conduct both live and vedio lectures. What i needed was a teacher to interact directly.

3. How was your experience? My experience in Audit class was full of fun, learning with personally experienced examples of Ravi sir which turned the subject into real time corporate structure.

Thanks for your support and guidance for one of the most difficult subjects like Audit. It was a fun as well as very amazing journey of one month. You made us write the answers in the class which gave an idea to draft and present the answers. This was very useful when I gone through the solved answer papers during my preparations. Thanks once again for everything.

Praachi Keshan

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