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Ankita Tibrewal

Hello sir.

I cleared CA final in Nov 17 attempt. I still remember I got less marks in audit in May 17 due to which I failed. I called u..u consoled me guided me motivated me to fight again.. I took ur ttns n left office giving proper time to studies.. n yes results changed.. thank u so much sir for making me believe in myself and proving hardwork pays off … Success is delayed but never denied.. u are truly a mentor.. keep guiding me always . 🙂

Ankita Tibrewal,

Roshan M

Hello Sir,

Greetings to You and your team.
I cleared my IPCC-Audit with Exemption,With the Thankful heart to the Almighty,Parents & Fly and Teachers.
The following is the my experience.
1.What were 3 key reasons for your success in exams?
Conceptual Understanding-I is to read the learning objectives then understand myself what that particular chapter want to tell us, if i couldn’t get, then i is to question myself “Why” Why it is there.Even if i couldn’t get,then learn the concept through video lectures of various professors.
Hardwork- Prepared a timetable and Developed a study planner and sticked to it. Read and Write practice and recollect every night what is studied, Weekly revision.
Trust on Almighty-Daily prayer with Meditation.
2.How you came across Ravi Sir and his lectures ?
I was searching in CAclub india website for some case laws, then i got the contact details, i asked the opinion for Law exam and the opinion for reading theory was good and cleared the exam in the very next attempt.
3. How was your experience?
The video classes was amazing,SA Memory Technique was very good,I studied from Quick Revision Notes Also, The Words of Ravi Sir kept motivated me was “Guys hard work me koi kami na ho, bas result apna jaga lega”
Thank You Ravi Sir and Team

Roshan M

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