Mr. Dice, a practising Chartered Accountant was ordered to surrender his Certificate of Practice and he was suspended for one year on certain professional misconduct against him. During the period of suspension, Mr. Dice, designating himself as GST Consultant, did the work of filing GST returns and made appearance as a consultant before various related authorities. He contended that there is nothing wrong in it as he, like any other GST consultant, could take such work and his engagement as such in no way violates the order nf suspension inflicted on him Is he right in his contention?
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 Ques. Mr.A is a member of icai and is involved in full time teaching to students and other members of institute at his private classes. He used certain video platforms on internet to raise certain objections against institute which he says are in interest of students and members as well as of institute. He started protest against in form of strike against institute. Discuss whether he is guilty of ca act or not
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 sir in clause 1"A chartered accountant in practice is deemed to be guilty of professional misconduct if he:clause (1) allows any person to practice in his name as a chartered accountant unless such person is also a chartered accountant in practice and is in partnership with or employed by him. This is a bare act language. but sir doubt is what are the wrong in this para because starting said that deemed to be guilty of professional misconduct.
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