Abhishek PanegalAbhishek Panegal asked 1 month ago

Dear Sir,
In these mentioned topics how to effectively revise them and recall clauses etc cause creating your story involves sometime to recollect. I tried writing an answer on schedules of CA Act but was unable to recollect the exact position of Ranchi in story..led to time consumption while attempting. Kindly resolve

Abhishek PanegalAbhishek Panegal replied 1 month ago

I have developed the habit of writing the story while revising so as to get it in flow .Kindly suggest if it is appropriate ?

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RaviRavi Staff answered 1 month ago

you can write stories and shortcuts on last page of answer paper with pencil and rub it off at the end.
stories are best way to recollect, almost all our students are extremely comfortable with them
i will suggest weekly revisions for these shortcuts and revision just one day before exams
if there is anything else please inform me

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