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Ashish Mittal asked 1 year ago

Hi Sir,
How should we try to frame our answer in exam like 1.simple and easy language so that examiner understand well or 2. typical law and audit language that we study in study material and bare law

1 Answers
RaviRavi Staff answered 1 year ago

Students have developed big misconception that we have to write each and every word and whole sentence as it is as given in module  to get good marks.
Let me tell you real problem of scoring less marks,
1st lack of conceptual understanding as some students think everything in audit simply means to check & report and they revolve around this point
2nd they dont know how to retain all the points related to concept, for ca final please refer our tax audit, peer review revision lectures regarding how to retain, inter / ipcc students see our marathon lectures regarding how to retain
3rd they have weak english, they are not able to express there thoughts in easy to understand language, they write half sentences, many of them are difficult to interpret or doesn’t make any sense 
I am not expert in drafting, i have crossed my hurdles and became CA, now its your challenge to overcome it
4. it is impossible to cram all words & sentences as it is, you will take hell lot of time and after few days it will be all gone and you will be left with frustration and disappointment, keep in mind everyone is not gifted with super fast photogenic memory, dont try to become something which you are not, work as per your strengths & weakness. 
so what is the solution

  1. Spend more time on audit subject
  2. Obtain through understanding
  3. Use memory techniques, we use more than 10 types of memory techniques, see this video

  4.  Write 1 theory answer daily, express it in simple English language, make technical words directory like instead of writing mistake write “material misstatement on individual or aggregate basis for assertions with respect to transaction, account balance or disclosures” , write answer after understanding and retaining points, preferably next day.

  5. There is no magic wand to change things over night, doing above with guidance over period of time will make you better. perform 4th step for 15-20 days for drastic improvement in less time. 


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