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HarryHarry asked 2 years ago
2 Answers
RaviRavi Staff answered 2 years ago

please see below link, others also had same doubt 🙂

How is Q4 different from Q14b in chapter 3 of PM? Same question different answers?

RaviRavi Staff answered 2 years ago

A- CENSUS has inherent risks of inaccuracy
Inherent audit risk at the level of Account Balance and Class of Transactions is:

  1. Quality of the accounting system. (Manual Vs EDP)
  2. The complexity of underlying transactions and other events which might require using the work of an expert. (Computation of Number of Shares in ESOP Scheme)
  3. Transactions not subjected to ordinary processing (Sales to TOP 3 Customers)
  4. Financial statements are likely to be susceptible to misstatement, for example, accounts which required adjustment in the prior period (Interest Expense of 5 months was inappropriately capitalised even after completion of construction) or which involve a high degree of estimation / Judgement. (Provision for Litigation)
  5. The completion of unusual and complex transactions, particularly at or near period end. (Demerger / Sale & Lease Back)
  6. Susceptibility of assets to loss or misappropriation, for example, assets which are highly desirable and movable such as cash. (Wages Payment in Construction Company)


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