Yash ChauhanYash Chauhan asked 2 years ago
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Auditaudit Staff answered 1 year ago

Removal of auditor before expiry is 4 step process as per 140(1)
–opportunity of being heard
–bod resolution
–CG approval
–special resolution
it is to be applied if auditor is removed before end of term of 5 AGMs, this can happen any time in 1st year or 2nd or 3rd etc
Now appointing auditor other than retiring auditor—–
auditor retires at end 5th AGM, so appointing someone other than retiring also happens at the end of 5 years it is 5 step process as per 143
so now conclusion 1st thing happens before end of 5 years and 2nd at the end of 5 years
“appointing some one else when term is not complete” such term is not used in Sec 140.

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