Manisha SharmaManisha Sharma asked 7 months ago

I have 3-4 queries   1- Sir is there anything like blue box approach in CIS Audit??   2-Answer to MCQ 1688 of ur MCQ book mentions this approach..So, is it just an option for mcq or there is actually a term named blue box approach?? If yes, then plz help me understand this term   3- Regarding that question(Q.1688 of MCQ book), I thought its answer is (b) white box approach, but in answer key, it is saying both black box and white box approach i.e. option (d), but I don’t understand how it can be both, as ques clearly says “based on the knowledge and expertise of auditor in handling computerised data”.. so it clearly indicates white box testing method..   4. How to describe Grey Box Approach??   Please help me resolve these queries

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RaviRavi Staff answered 7 months ago

there is no blue box or gray box approach they are written to create wrong options
there are only 2 approaches relevant for exams black and white
hence answer is both white or black box approach is possible 
option d should either a or either b — such drafting would have been more appropriate

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