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Prashant LavaniaPrashant Lavania asked 1 year ago
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RaviRavi Staff answered 1 year ago

The firm should establish policies and procedures designed to promote an internal culture based on the recognition that quality is essential in performing engagements. Such policies and procedures should require the firm’s chief executive officer (or equivalent) or, if appropriate, the firm’s managing partners (or equivalent), to assume ultimate responsibility for the firm’s system of quality control. (Eg Quality is important parameter for all decisions in firm)
Developing Quality Oriented Culture — Clear, Consistent, Frequent – Actions & Messages from all levels of Management
The firm’s leadership and the examples it sets significantly influence the internal culture of the firm. The promotion of a quality-oriented internal culture depends on clear, consistent and frequent actions and
messages from all levels of the firm’s management emphasizing the firm’s quality control policies and
procedures, and the requirement to:
(a) Perform work that complies with professional standards and regulatory and legal requirements; and
(b) Issue reports that are appropriate in the circumstances.
(Eg Monthly Quality Awards & Punishments)
Training Seminars, Meetings, Formal or Informal Dialogue, Mission Statements, Newsletters, or Briefing Memoranda
Such actions and messages encourage a culture that recognizes and rewards high quality work. They may be communicated by training seminars, meetings, formal or informal dialogue, mission statements, newsletters, or briefing memoranda. They are incorporated in the firm’s internal documentation and training materials, and in partner and staff appraisal procedures such that they will support and reinforce the firm’s view on the importance of quality and how, practically, it is to be achieved.
(Eg Special Trainings / Mandatory Agenda / Quality Improvement Discussions / Quality First Fees Latter)
Assigning Operational Responsibility – Ability, Experience, Authority
Any person or persons assigned operational responsibility for the firm’s quality control system
by the firm’s chief executive officer or managing board of partners should have sufficient and
appropriate experience and ability, and the necessary authority, to assume that responsibility

RaviRavi Staff answered 1 year ago

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