Shaik karimullashaik karimulla asked 3 weeks ago

sir can you give an example on personal sale of broker for turnover calculation in chapter of tax auidt

RaviRavi Staff replied 3 weeks ago

Brokerage Income — 10 lakhs
Speculation Profit + Loss — 20 lakhs (Intraday)
Sale of shares which were delivery based — 30 lakhs

Total TO — 60 lakhs

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Shaik karimullashaik karimulla answered 3 weeks ago

sir another question is whether tax consultant of the company who is a ca in practice can do statutory audit of the same company?

Shaik karimullashaik karimulla replied 3 weeks ago

ok sir

RaviRavi Staff replied 3 weeks ago

Yes statutory auditor and tax consultant can be same

RaviRavi Staff replied 3 weeks ago

Please post separate question for each query

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