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DevendraDevendra asked 10 months ago

Today we can get PARAM @300 almost half of the price what we paid for  pre-booking on confrenza app.  Then what type of pre-booking discount announced by the Sir in his videos ??  Would never recommend buy in pre-booking products from this portal. 

2 Answers
RaviRavi Staff answered 10 months ago

Hello Devendra
Conferenza, is doing promotion of its book section. They are bearing all discounts. We requested them to keep it short for 2 days only.So this promotion is for 2 days.
In today’s e-commerce such things happen many times. It’s a momentary thing.
Don’t feel bad about it. On daily basis price drops happens on 1000s of products. This instance it is like lottery for few for few days. Price has not decreased permanently, as said it is just for 2 days.
On Monday you will see book price at 600-650.
It’s completely their plan. In any profession or business at some point time or other discounts are given this is what my team explains to me. And always people will be little upset they missed the discount.
But let me tell you, those 2 volumes are surely worth more than 500 rupees.

RaviRavi Staff answered 10 months ago

Dear Devendra
You will a CA soon, you will be a professional. Don’t use words like cheated. Use words carefully. We are giving worth every penny you are spending. Book comes in 2 volumes, delivered by best of courier services + solving queries of books by no means deserves such words. Dont stoop down for 100-200 rupees. As clarified we had no role to play in this discount scheme. We have requested it to be cut down to minimum days.
We are here to help and clarify on any aspects, write from important questions to others. Use public platforms carefully, we are not here to be trolled for unnecessary reasons. You should understand other side of story and try to respect others. Dont be anxious and comment anything.

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