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Sachin JaiswalSachin Jaiswal asked 11 months ago

In various answers of Tax Audit questions, it starts with “Section 44AB requires tax auditor to give report in form 3CA/3CB whether details furnished by assessee is true and correct. Assessee is required to furnish details in form 3CD which shall be verified by Tax auditor.” Ex Que CNO 543.000
But in various answers it is written as ” Tax Auditor shall report under various clauses of form 3CD.” Ex- 545.000
Confusion is – who furnish details in form 3CD.
My view is assessee provide details in form 3cd which auditor verifies about its correction. Tax auditor does not report in form 3cd. He reports in Form 3ca/3cb
Please clarify on this.

1 Answers
RaviRavi Staff answered 11 months ago

Yes sachin you are absolutely correct.
ICAI material many times says that auditor has to give details in form 3CD, so they say its his responsibility.
This is because in practical life in many small and mid size entities, CA himself prepares for 3CD.
But as clearly stated in guidance notes to tax audit and as per reporting we do in form 3ca and 3cb, its assesses  responsibility to prepare form 3cd and auditor’s responsibility to report on it.  

RaviRavi Staff replied 11 months ago

So there are some inconsistencies in ICAI course, understand issue, pick proper side and move on 🙂

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