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Ameerameer asked 1 year ago

Sir, on the discussion it was told that LLP was excluded from doing audit u/s 44AD
So in computing total T.O, T.O of LLP wont be included . right?
if so, what will be the answer to the case study question under head computation of T.O ( Doctor running clinic) of the presumptive income is from LLP

Ameerameer replied 1 year ago

Also, in Clause 41 of Form 3CD, regarding Demand and Refund, is those amount as per books or as raised by the respective Department

1 Answers
RaviRavi Staff answered 1 year ago

44AD is not available for LLP, that simply means clause (e) where turnover limit is 2 crore wont be available, limit of 1 crore under clause (a) will be applicable
Clause 41 details are required as per demand or refund as per departments

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