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Pritam khan asked 1 year ago

Hi Sir,
Just wanted to know 
In ICAI mat at one place i.e in chapter FISCAL AUDIT , its mentioned that while calculating 60 no. Of audits , *audit u/s 44AE/BB/BBB is excluded (pg. 12.14)
However , in chapter professional ethics under the heading CGG 
Its mentioned that *44AD/ADA/AE to be excluded (pg 18.111)
And in your lecture on tax audit you had mentioned to go as follows, i.e.
1)excluded 44AD/ADA & AE
2)not excluded – 44BB/BBB
So which one to be followed , kindly clarify.

1 Answers
RaviRavi Staff answered 1 year ago

Exclusion of 44AD / ADA / AE is correct
ICAI missed to amend things on pg 12.14

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