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Fakruddin MD asked 1 year ago

Sir, I want to take Super 25 batch CA FINAL . So just wanted to know if any super 25 batch is coming up in neartime.?  And also please confirm whether the books which i will receive (if purchased course) are same as books provided in telegram?  I requested a call back 4-5 days back but there\’s no response

1 Answers
RaviRavi Staff answered 1 year ago

we have recorded super 25 for ca final
which cover all amendments as per new study material
new SM came in December and we covered it while teaching super 25 in dec & jan
we are planning ca final english regular indepth batch in next 10-15 days, it is advisable for south students to do this batch
so for students how understand hindi we have latest recordings of regular 45 and super 25
it is advisable to go for regular 45

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