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GITIKA GOYALGITIKA GOYAL asked 11 months ago
3 Answers
RaviRavi Staff answered 11 months ago

Sir was not keeping well for past few days, so he couldn’t reply many queries. He will be replying all of them today or max tomorrow.

RaviRavi Staff answered 11 months ago

SA 260 is regarding, overall communication with TCWG. Reasons for communication, Matters to be communicated, medium to be used, frequency of communication etc.
Now internal control deficiency is a important hing which need special attention so we have 265, it explains types of deficiency, change in approach as per nature of deficiency, it also gives content of communication. it helps in identifying nature of deficiency significant vs other.

RaviRavi Staff answered 11 months ago

so its like general vs specific 

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