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Answer which covers below text should be followed, table in our notes cover below text. 
Summary of below text.
SR NCC cadets are reliable in event of war
Source of Data / Relevance of Data / Nature of Data / Comparability of Data / Controls over Preparation of Information to ensure (Completeness / Accuracy / Validity) 
The reliability of data is influenced by its source and nature and is dependent on the circumstances under which it is obtained. Accordingly, the following are relevant when determining whether data is reliable for purposes of designing substantive analytical procedures:
(a) Source of the information available. For example, information may be more reliable when it is obtained from independent sources outside the entity;
(b) Comparability of the information available. For example, broad industry data may need to be supplemented to be comparable to that of an entity that produces and sells specialised products;
(c) Nature and relevance of the information available. For example, whether budgets have been established as results to be expected rather than as goals to be achieved; and
(d) Controls over the preparation of the information that are designed to ensure its completeness, accuracy and validity. For example, controls over the preparation, review and maintenance of budgets

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