DevyaniDevyani asked 1 year ago
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RaviRavi Staff answered 1 year ago

In practical life Principles & Methodology of SAs can be implemented appropriately in medium to big entities. I small entities its not possible to implement all principles. Further client may expect that auditor should do complete checking and auditor may do it to please them , keep them happy to retain clients. 
Further all CAs have their own style of working and management. He must have do this to keep staff busy, to them more time at client place, showing client how much we work so as to negotiate good fees etc
So i will say build good rapport with boss, do as specified then after some time discuss why we do 100% checking and is it possible to do it through sampling, go with complete plan in mind how we can do it, present it politely. He may accept or say no, anyways he will know your knowledge and application and give you better work.

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