Shivkumar PadhiShivkumar Padhi asked 1 year ago
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RaviRavi Staff answered 1 year ago

Hello Shivkumar
i know this time law was terrible, everyone is complaining. 
Now what to do next depends on your probability of clearing law and whole group.
If probability of positive result is very low, i will suggest start studying SFM and LAW and try to complete it in 2 months till results. Now if you dont clear you are ready with 2 subjects ans then 2 more to go. If you clear then all is good, SFM and LAW studies were bonus.
Now If probability of positive result is high then start studying one subject of group 2 prepare it nicely till results, side by side start studying law and complete that also till result. As you were good at SFM it wont take much time to brush it up if required. Again if you dont clear go for 4 subjects of grp 1 + one subject of grp 2. if you clear start studying remaining 3 subjects.

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