Sir, In your videos SA 700 is Not as per revised format of AR ( W.e.f 1/4/2017) Moreover in amendment videos also there is no video and notes for SA 700 (Revised) And SA 701 (REVISED)

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SA 700(revised) and SA 701 is not applicable for Nov 2017 exams.


It is applicable !! Can you plz send the link of relevant notification if it so


Login to the URL and check on notification dated 2/7/2017


If u r final student then login to the URL and do the same:

Ravi Staff September 4, 2017

Hello SA 701 and new format of SA 700 series is not applicable for Nov 17 exams as practical applicability is also postponed. It may get applicable in May 18 exams.
Correct reply from shubham 🙂


Sr Thanks for ur appreciation 


Sir you have added this postponement in ur classes. But I think to refer link of ICAI notification that will b more understandible to Sankalp


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