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Gaurav JangirGaurav Jangir asked 1 year ago

Sir in the GSTR 9C FORM Reco of turnover we need to start form turnover from gst laws and arrive at turnover as per gst laws. So therein an adjustment is given for credit notes. It says that credit note issued in the next year not considered in finacial statements in the current year but it is considered in gst return. So In the form it is wrriten it has to be added to the turnover   However i have a doubt that that if credit note is not considered in FS and considered in GSTR so we will have to reduce it from turnover as per financial statement to aarive at turnover as per gst returns But in the fork it is given as to be added.   Can you please help me on this

1 Answers
RaviRavi Staff answered 1 year ago

it is amended, sign changed to (-), please see below video

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