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Vineet Morevineet more asked 3 years ago

Sir, this is my 3rd attempt. I have done upto SA 315, professional ethics and co. audit only till now. Can u please guide how should i plan further or any ready plan if u have please share

3 Answers
RaviRavi Staff answered 3 years ago

plan you studies on following principles
1. It should be studied on daily basis
2. Allocate atleast 2 hours
3. Make list of weak an strong chapters
4. daily spend half time on weak topics (start) and half time on strong topic (end)
5. use pm analysis file to cover pm side by side in download section
6. use jan 16 edition + rtp
7. write one page daily

Auditaudit Staff answered 3 years ago

sir you are the best. this is the best plan. As i am giving 1 group only (as u had told me after results) i will allocate 4 hrs daily. thank u very much

RaviRavi Staff answered 3 years ago

i missed few points
8. Every Sunday Revision
9. Scan through module after end of chapter, focus only on content in bold & itlaics / charts / highlighted case study, last time majority of paper was from these areas

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