Sir, i have attend your revision class. In notes in psu chapter in brackets and italic words return..what it means

In six cases and seven cases written..sir how to read and understand it…how to coralate…Is this italic and under bracket para related to any other one class sare chapter nahi ho paye the …jo reh gye…samjh ni arha kaise padu like this PSU    
sir, i am also asking same issue about “Planning performance Audit? page no.20″under this first point is “understanding the entity programme” in this, matter written not in italic which is also example/story etc i think. so, sir where is exam related matter.
you are saying “Matter in italics are related examples to explain that particular point and no need to write in exams“.so sir what matter will have to write under this particular point in exam.
Sir can you please explain any one point from both “PAC page no.17 and PLANNING PERFORMANCE AUDIT page no.20 with example like:-this is the story/example/memory technique and this is your main point which you have to write in exam and how to relate this story/example..with main point. sir please help

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Ravi Staff December 29, 2017

Around first week of Jan for ca final 
Mid Jan for IPCC 


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