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Deepika HandeDeepika Hande asked 3 years ago
5 Answers
RaviRavi Staff answered 3 years ago

SA 720 specifically says to include Other Info Para so there is no doubt whether it should be included. Now why they did this so that this gets special, specific importance. 
Other Matter means anything important which is not “specifically” written in financial statements. It can be branches of company etc. 
Earlier Other Matter was used for other information in OLD 720 but now in new SA 720 there is no such requirement. 

Deepika HandeDeepika Hande answered 3 years ago

So basically other information para is mandatory to appear in Audit Report while EOM and OM para are not mandatory. Right?

Karankaran answered 3 years ago

Deepika hande…. OMP Mai sirf wo information include karte hai jo Fst and notes to account Mai presented and disclose nahi hai…like last year ka audit humne nahi Kiya,last year ka audit nahi hua, compony(branch) ka audit kisi aur auditor ne Kiya… sab aap fst Mai kha dalo ge that’s why OMP paragraph Mai aate hai…ye mandatory nahi hai because agar info hogi jaise maine upar example likhi tabhi ye paragraph ayega…   Abhi baat karte hai Other information ki…fst and audit report ke saath bahut sari alag information bhi jati hai (annual report) jisme fst and audit report ke saath company ka object,bod responsibility statement ,upcoming  project etc. To.kahi shareholders ye samj na lai ke ye Abhi audit report ka part hai ya auditor ne is par bhi opinion diya hai to hum audit report Mai alag paragraph dalte hai hamesha(mandatory to put other information,kyu mandatory hai because information annual report Mai fst and audit Audi report ke saath aur bhi jati hai aur wo har sall other info jati hai to mandatory hai har saal other information paragraph include karna)
Auditor other information par koi opinion nahi deta
..uska Kam sirf other information ko read karna hota hai then agar koi missatatmisst dikhe other information Mai then report karega

RaviRavi Staff answered 3 years ago

even other info is applicable to some entities in specific situations, it is not about being voluntary or mandatory
purpose for which they are introduced is different 
see for sa 720 – 

Deepika HandeDeepika Hande answered 3 years ago

Thank you sir. 🙂 

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