sir i am facing a horrible issue from past 5 consecutive attempts. i always studied well with utmost conceptual clarity. But before about a month to go for exams i always feel fearful and very anxious. It didnt let me concentrate on my studies and as a result i have failed for 5 consecutive times in ipcc in both groups. please help me out from this horrible phase.

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Ravi Staff August 15, 2018

Hello Dont get Disheartened !!!
Believe me I have counselled many students with failures and helped them get on track.
Now follow my instructions watch these below videos I’m given sequence from start till end. Then we will talk and discuss your issues. Loads of important points are discussed in these videos which will make foundation of our discussion.
Video 1
Video 2
Video 3
Now you can call me on 909600003 or 7020699683 between 7:30 to 8pm
Ravi Taori


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