Sir Font Size of Notes of Chapter Prof Ethics is too small !

Size of Notes of Professional Ethics is too small, that it is diffult to study & to maark or write any memorable word near by it!!
Can you please provide pdf for same so i can print on myself!

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Ravi Staff April 16, 2019

Hello Harsh
Sorry providing PDF is not possible. 
May be you can take enlarged xerox of some pages where you are facing difficulty , also use post it, to write comments or make small book to write comments and give page number reference.


Ok… But please make it improve… If you can’t (for cost Cutting purpose, to make course cheap) then provide notes through online mode which Neeraj Arora classes sir provide at ipcc level!!
Font are too short… First time seen this type of font size!!
Really Disappointed 

Ravi Staff April 17, 2019

hello harsh
your suggestion is noted, we will work on it. We apologise that you are facing problem. Please manage as explained above. 


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