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MananManan asked 1 year ago
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RaviRavi Staff answered 1 year ago

Below is text of case law of 1969, this is given below clause (7), so yes you are correct clause 7 should be applied. But as PM has given clause (6) hence i will suggest that apply both clause (6) and (7) , as it is solicitation of work also. SO that we are on safer side
A Chartered Accountant wrote several letters to Government Department, inter alia, pointing out seniority of his firm, sending his life sketch and stating that he had a glorious record of service to
the country as well as to the organisation of accountancy profession with a view to get the audit work. These letters were clearly in the nature of advertising professional attainments. – Held, he was guilty of professional misconduct under the clause.
(Sirdar P.S. Sodhbans in Re: – Page 1022 of Vol. IV of the Disciplinary Cases – decided on 13th and 14th March, 1969).

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