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UTSAV SHAHUTSAV SHAH asked 8 months ago

Section 24A of CA Act strictly prohibited any person(means all person including govt.) to establish any institute and award such degree similar to that awarded to member of ICAI (Chartered Accountant) , then why the creator of CA Act are acting as violator of same Act by establishing IIA (Indian institute of accounting- CPA) , considering the said provision of CA Act , the amendment bill proposed to be passed by standing committee before parliament shall be null and void and tantamount to ultra virus act done by Standing committee. So request to ravi sir please clarify how it can be possible to pass such bill before both the Houses.

1 Answers
RaviRavi Staff answered 8 months ago

it was just a recommendation by standing committee.
it is not part of bill passed by parliament.
for now i dont think they are going ahead with IIA 

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