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SahilSahil asked 12 months ago

Respectable Sir,
As per S.21 of CA Act, the Director (Discipline) is empowered to conduct an investigation in respect of a complaint against a member. Such powers to investigate extends to both “professional and other misconducts” i.e. misconducts covered by any of the schedules to CA Act and conducts under any other circumstances.
Based on the outcome of such an investigation he refers the case to BOD or DC. If “professional or other misconduct” is covered by the First schedule, it is referred to BOD, and if it is covered by the Second or both schedules, it is referred to DC. 
How the Conduct other than “professional and other misconducts” are dealt with by Director discipline? 

1 Answers
RaviRavi Staff answered 12 months ago

complaints may relate to circumstances given in schedules
or they may relate to circumstances not given in schedule but still considered inappropriate for ca 
in past many circumstances even though not covered in schedules are declared as other misconduct 

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