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Mohammed RupawalaMohammed Rupawala asked 1 year ago

Sir suppose I am director of XY Ltd & I am also partner of Mr A & Mr B, under firm i.e MeAB & co, so now automatically firm, A, B will be disqualified but Mr A also has practice in individual capacity i.e sole proprietor firm so now can he do Audit of that XY Ltd?

1 Answers
RaviRavi Staff answered 1 year ago

First of all, yes it is possible that firm gets disqualified because partner is disqualified.
But vice versa is not true, some times firm may get disqualified but individual partner may be still eligible to do audit if he is not covered in any disqualification.
In above case, if partner is director he is disqualified firm will also get disqualified, further other partners will also get disqualified as they are partners of directors, so they cannot do audit in individual capacity also.
In above case if relative of partner is director, partner will get disqualified and firm will also get disqualified, but individual partners may still be eligible to do audit in individual capacity.

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