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Ashish kumar asked 1 year ago

Sir, whether sec 140(4) applicable in case of individual auditor, because we know at the expiry of term (5yrs) sec 139(2) will apply. Or sec 140(4) is applicable only when firm is completed 5 yrs of one term.
I.e i have doubt regarding situation of sec 140(4), because before 5yrs in case of individual sec 140(1) can be apply. So when we have to apply sec 140(4) whether in 6th AGM IN CASE OF FIRM.

1 Answers
RaviRavi Staff answered 1 year ago

rotation is not applicable to each and every company
it is applicable to some top companies also
so think from point of companies where rotation is not applicable
you will then understand it is for both individual ca & firm

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