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Sandeep AhujaSandeep Ahuja asked 12 months ago

Sir, In the image attached
it is written qualify if unresolved Material misstatement exist in Corresponding figures. Thus even if the if PY report was Adverse/Disclaim, CY report can only be QUALIFIED (not adverse/disclaim) as only comparability is impacted. 
BUT if in the same scenaio if it was comparative FS approach, CY report would also be adverse/disclaim because PY was adverse/disclaim ( Normal Qualification) ?

Sandeep AhujaSandeep Ahuja replied 12 months ago

The entire question is with respect to PY modification in CY Report *

1 Answers
RaviRavi Staff answered 12 months ago

read qualify as modify in above chart 
adverse and disclaimer are also possible
both in corresponding figures & comparatives 
with respect to previous year comparatives

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