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in param question bank for SA240 CNO 15,16,17,18 of CA FINAL Pg NO 15 to 17. The answer which you gave in question bank is 
1.SA 240 With SA 450
2. Section 143(12) of companies Act 
3.CARO 2020 Reference  
for all the above FOUR Questions the answer is exactly same except ONE new point in every question depending on what point the question is focusing 
BUT when i look at suggested answers of ICAI they gave answer to those FOUR questions in one single point in every question very specific point they did not even gave the references of 240,320,section 143(12),CARO 2020 etc ….
SO my query is which Answer do i need to follow ??? Do i need to focus on only one specific point in a particular question or else interlinking various SAS Companies Act Section References And CARO Reference is also mandatorily to be quoted in exams ???? And if we write extra answers which is more than required is it worth useful or simply waste of time ??? kindly please answer my Query sir .
Thanks and regards 

1 Answers
RaviRavi Staff answered 11 months ago

We analysed answers given by ICAI on these questions over period of time, we combined all relevant points and made a common answer, which generally covers points expected.
Remembering multiple answers is a challenge and confusing, such standard answer can drastically reduce study load and its high quality answer which generally covers icai expectations.
So its better to remember common answer and write answer based on this.

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