DharaDhara asked 1 year ago

My work is related to taxation in articleship.
I have basic interest in capital market and international taxation.
can you please guide me which subject would be best for me in relation to future career prospective?
can you direct me any profile where both my interests are fulfilled ?

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RaviRavi Staff answered 1 year ago

While selecting elective paper we should 2 factors in mind

  1. Ease of Scoring — Comfort with the subject / ease of understanding and remembering / volume of the subject / availability of proper coaching / recent trends of papers (yet to come) / passing percentage (yet to come)
  2. Impact on carrier prospects — whether it impacts campus selection (yet to happen) / whether it impacts hiring by industry (yet to happen) / will it decide students future line of job , practice (yet to happen)

    Personally write now with available information i feel, first factor should be given 80% weightage as papers and result are big uncertainties. Write now i dont see 2nd factor having big impact or its going to matter much.     

    Now coming to your case both your subjects are present in elective options. so keeping in mind above things you can select any one of the subject.

    write now you are studying so thinking of job profile write now should not be priority. future jobs depends on kind of opportunities you get at point of time and also your interests and package offered etc

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