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Raghuvar Jha asked 1 year ago

Dear Ravi sir,
I have done self study of Audit but it was difficult for me to read and understand from ICAI books so i searched for the short notes online and found notes of many faculty and that was to long so finally i end up concluding on your notes which i found on the audit guru channel. Relevant to your notes it was good for both short and long study with appropriate example but i have small query regarding standard on auditing as some chapters are small and to the point, i just wanted to confirm about its completeness as i completely and blindly rely on your notes and your guidance relevant to subject audit. I have taken notes of Param as well as the question bank.

1 Answers
RaviRavi Staff answered 1 year ago

we suggest bhaskar regular notes + param question bank
once we issue chart book, you can use chart book + param question bank
all our books & charts cover full chapter

RaviRavi Staff replied 1 year ago

Use this link for our notes

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