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FakruddinFakruddin asked 1 year ago

Dear sir. 
I have purchased Your Super 25 course.. And while I was going through the chapter Automated environment through Study material, I found that one question in test your knowledge is missing in PARAM. I haven’t checked for other chapters.
I don’t think you have missed it intentionally since test your knowledge questions are of utmost importance for exam.
Audit is subject where I aim to pass.Any 4m question out of those left out test your knowledge will make my attempt disastrous.Therefore I request you to analyse once  for other chapters as well and provide us pdf if possible since we are solely relying on PARAM for questions. 
Thank you. 

1 Answers
RaviRavi Staff answered 1 year ago

please share which question was missing, we will look into the issue and if required, we will recheck whether each and every question is covered

FakruddinFakruddin replied 1 year ago

Question no. 5 TYK in AAE chapter.. Was missing..

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