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There is a news that ICAI Will going to introduce an open book in CA final And Ca inter For 3 to 4 subjects soon . Being audit is a core and heart of the entire CA course do you think they will introduce open book exam for CA Final And CA inter Audit Also ??? what is your views on this sir ??? And which one option could be better according to you especially in the subject of audit whether Open Book is preferred or normal traditional method of exam is preferred(Without Allowing Any books to exam hall) ??? please give your valuable opinion regarding this issue sir 
I Personally feel traditional method of exam(Without Allowing Any books to exam hall) is preferred because of importance of the Subject  Audit 
Please express your opinion on the above situation sir 
Thanks and regards sir 

1 Answers
RaviRavi Staff answered 9 months ago

We have not done detailed research on this topic yet.

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