Piyush GuptaPiyush Gupta asked 4 years ago

What i differentiated is
ratification is done when tenure for which auditor is appointed is not over. (ratification upto 5th AGM)
And automatic reappointment is done when tenure for which auditor was appointed is over (say 3rd agm if auditor was appointed for 3 agm) but here he can extend his tenure for 2 agm (total maximum 5 AGM) and no auditor is appointed.

And it will be casual vacancy In case he has completed 5 agm (6th agm) and no one is appointed then it will be casual vacancy
So ratification if 5agms not over
Auto renewal if tenure finish but not 5agm
Casual vacancy if 5agm over
Am i right? Please clear me.

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Adminadmin answered 4 years ago

Ratification should be done from 2nd AGM to 5th AGM (if we consider 1st AGM as for appointment and 6th as retirement) after appointment, which confirms same auditor will continue as auditor next year as decided at the time of appointment.
Reappointment has to be done when auditor is getting retired that is 6th AGM
So we can say that ratification in annual phenomena but reappointment happen only in AGM where retirement is taking place if company wants same auditor again for next 5 AGMs

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